There can be no growth or stability in our community unless our residents feel safe. Our ability to feel safe is dependent on a strong relationship between our citizens and law enforcement. For years, our administration has failed to provide our safety forces the proper training, support and equipment needed. Morale is low and this extends into the community. Before we deploy more officers into our neighborhoods, we must make sure our current force is trained and equipped for the daily challenges they face. As they go through additional training and feel more prepared, I’ll work with local community leaders in order to build trust. Reform will happen through a strong partnership between the community, law enforcement and my administration.


  1. Adopt and enforce appropriate policies that are easy for law enforcement and the community to understand.
  2. Implement a more efficient process for reviewing and investigating cases so there’s more accountability and transparency.
  3. Allocate funds for new equipment including vehicles and technology.
  4. Focus on new training and effective community policing strategies.