In Cleveland, we’re blessed to have private business owners and developers who have vision and are willing to invest in new projects. Because of these investments, there’s strong momentum and energy, but in order to have long lasting growth, we need a leader who also has vision. One-off projects and silver bullets are distractions and show a lack of strategy for Cleveland as a whole. Implementing a strategy to focus significant energy and resources in areas that have long been overlooked will help to strengthen our community.

Our immediate focus must be on human development. Human development is the core of economic development. Without a strong workforce, our opportunity for growth is limited. Providing our citizens with basic needs and training will have an immediate impact in our neighborhoods and also have a long lasting effect on our society.


  1. Remove 5,000 blighted properties (both residential and commercial).
  2. Streamline the process for doing business with the city by leveraging technology and eliminating red tape.
  3. Allocate more funds for workforce training. These funds will be used to scale existing successful programs.
  4. Recruit new capital from outside the region.